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    • Adaptive Data Representation and Analysis 

      Xu, Jieren (2018)
      This dissertation introduces and analyzes algorithms that aim to adaptively handle complex datasets arising in the real-world applications. It contains two major parts. The first part describes an adaptive model of 1-dimensional ...
    • Sensor Array Processing with Manifold Uncertainty 

      Odom, Jonathan Lawrence (2013)
      The spatial spectrum, also known as a field directionality map, is a description of the spatial distribution of energy in a wavefield. By sampling the wavefield at discrete locations in space, an estimate of the spatial ...
    • Temporal resolution of single photon responses in primate rod photoreceptors and limits imposed by cellular noise. 

      Field, Greg D; Uzzell, Valerie; Chichilnisky, EJ; Rieke, Fred (Journal of neurophysiology, 2018-11-28)
      Sensory receptor noise corrupts sensory signals, contributing to imperfect perception and dictating central processing strategies. For example, noise in rod phototransduction limits our ability to detect light and minimizing ...