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    • A Shared Neural Substrate for Diverse General Anesthetics and Sleep 

      Jiang-Xie, Li-Feng (2019)
      Ever since the initial discovery of general anesthetics almost 170 years ago, how general anesthesia (GA) induces loss of consciousness remains a century-long mystery. In addition, whether diverse anesthetic drugs and sleep ...
    • Evaluation of Allostatic Load as a Mediator of Sleep and Kidney Outcomes in Black Americans. 

      Lunyera, Joseph; Davenport, Clemontina A; Jackson, Chandra L; Johnson, Dayna A; Bhavsar, Nrupen A; Sims, Mario; Scialla, Julia J; ... (13 authors) (Kidney international reports, 2019-03)
      Introduction:Poor sleep associates with adverse chronic kidney disease (CKD) outcomes yet the biological mechanisms underlying this relation remain unclear. One proposed mechanism is via allostatic load, a cumulative biologic ...
    • It Happened While You Were Sleeping. 

      Newby, L Kristin (J Am Heart Assoc, 2016-06-15)
    • Sensorimotor Learning in a Computerized Athletic Training Battery. 

      Krasich, Kristina; Ramger, Ben; Holton, Laura; Wang, Lingling; Mitroff, Stephen R; Gregory Appelbaum, L (J Mot Behav, 2016-09)
      Sensorimotor abilities are crucial for performance in athletic, military, and other occupational activities, and there is great interest in understanding learning in these skills. Here, behavioral performance was measured ...