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    • An Analysis of NBA Spatio-Temporal Data 

      Robertson, Megan (2017)
      This project examines the utility of spatio-temporal tracking data from professional basketball games by fitting models predicting whether a player will make a shot. The first part of the project involved the exploration ...
    • An Ensemble Approach to Knowledge-Based Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy Planning. 

      Zhang, Jiahan; Wu, Q Jackie; Xie, Tianyi; Sheng, Yang; Yin, Fang-Fang; Ge, Yaorong (Frontiers in oncology, 2018-01)
      Knowledge-based planning (KBP) utilizes experienced planners' knowledge embedded in prior plans to estimate optimal achievable dose volume histogram (DVH) of new cases. In the regression-based KBP framework, previously planned ...
    • Protein Crystallization: Soft Matter and Chemical Physics Perspectives 

      Fusco, Diana (2014)
      X-ray and neutron crystallography are the predominant methods for obtaining atomic-scale information on bimolecular macromolecules. Despite the success of these techniques, generating well diffracting crystals critically ...