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    • Computational Methods for Investigating Dendritic Cell Biology 

      de Oliveira Sales, Ana Paula (2011)
      The immune system is constantly faced with the daunting task of protecting the host from a large number of ever-evolving pathogens. In vertebrates, the immune response results from the interplay of two cellular systems: ...
    • Modeling Time Series and Sequences: Learning Representations and Making Predictions 

      Lian, Wenzhao (2015)
      The analysis of time series and sequences has been challenging in both statistics and machine learning community, because of their properties including high dimensionality, pattern dynamics, and irregular observations. In ...
    • Predictive Models for Point Processes 

      Lian, Wenzhao (2015)
      Point process data are commonly observed in fields like healthcare and social science. Designing predictive models for such event streams is an under-explored problem, due to often scarce training data. In this thesis, a ...