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    • A Novel Preclinical Murine Model to Monitor Inflammatory Breast Cancer Tumor Growth and Lymphovascular Invasion. 

      Rickard, Ashlyn G; Sannareddy, Dorababu S; Bennion, Alexandra; Patel, Pranalee; Sauer, Scott J; Rouse, Douglas C; Bouchal, Samantha; ... (11 authors) (Cancers, 2023-04)
      Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), an understudied and lethal breast cancer, is often misdiagnosed due to its unique presentation of diffuse tumor cell clusters in the skin and dermal lymphatics. Here, we describe a window ...
    • Genetic Determinants of Cancer Cell Survival in Tumor Microenvironment Stresses 

      Keenan, Melissa Marie (2015)
      In order to propagate a solid tumor, cancer cells must adapt to and survive under various tumor microenvironment (TME) stresses, such as hypoxia or lactic acidosis. Additionally, cancer cells exposed to these stresses are ...
    • Lactate Metabolism in Cancer Cell Lines 

      Kennedy, Kelly Marie (2013)
      Pathophysiologic lactate accumulation is characteristic of solid tumors and has been associated with metastases and poor overall survival in cancer patients. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in tumor ...