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    • Bayesian Adjustment for Multiplicity 

      Scott, James Gordon (2009)
      This thesis is about Bayesian approaches for handling multiplicity. It considers three main kinds of multiple-testing scenarios: tests of exchangeable experimental units, tests for variable inclusion in linear regresson ...
    • Bayesian Hierarchical Models for Model Choice 

      Li, Yingbo (2013)
      With the development of modern data collection approaches, researchers may collect hundreds to millions of variables, yet may not need to utilize all explanatory variables available in predictive models. Hence, choosing ...
    • Bayesian Models for Causal Analysis with Many Potentially Weak Instruments 

      Jiang, Sheng (2015)
      This paper investigates Bayesian instrumental variable models with many instruments. The number of instrumental variables grows with the sample size and is allowed to be much larger than the sample size. With some sparsity ...