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    • Digital chalk-talk videos improve knowledge and satisfaction in renal physiology. 

      Roberts, John K; Chudgar, Saumil M; Engle, Deborah; McClain, Elizabeth K; Jakoi, Emma; Berkoben, Michael; Lehrich, Ruediger W (Advances in physiology education, 2018-03)
      The authors began a curriculum reform project to improve the experience in a Renal Physiology course for first-year medical students. Taking into account both the variety of learning preferences among students and the benefits ...
    • Enhancing Mobile Devices through Code Offload 

      Cuervo, Eduardo (2012)
      Advances in mobile hardware and operating systems have made mobile a first-class development platform. Activities such as web browsing, casual game play, media playback, and document reading are now as common on mobile devices ...