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    • Automatic Planning of Whole Breast Radiation Therapy Using Machine Learning Models. 

      Sheng, Yang; Li, Taoran; Yoo, Sua; Yin, Fang-Fang; Blitzblau, Rachel; Horton, Janet K; Ge, Yaorong; ... (8 authors) (Frontiers in Oncology, 2019-01)
      Purpose: To develop an automatic treatment planning system for whole breast radiation therapy (WBRT) based on two intensity-modulated tangential fields, enabling near-real-time planning. Methods and Materials: A total of ...
    • Goal-Driven Beam Setting Optimization for Whole-Breast Radiation Therapy. 

      Wang, Wentao; Sheng, Yang; Yoo, Sua; Blitzblau, Rachel C; Yin, Fang-Fang; Wu, Q Jackie (Technology in cancer research & treatment, 2019-01)
      PURPOSE:To develop an automated optimization program to generate optimal beam settings for whole-breast radiation therapy driven by clinically oriented goals. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Forty patients were retrospectively included ...