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  • Weitzel, KW; Alexander, M; Bernhardt, BA; Calman, N; Carey, DJ; Cavallari, LH; Field, JR; Hauser, D; Junkins, HA; Levin, PA; Levy, K; Madden, EB; Manolio, TA; Odgis, J; Orlando, LA; Pyeritz, R; Wu, RR; Shuldiner, AR; Bottinger, EP; Denny, JC; Dexter, PR; Flockhart, DA; Horowitz, CR; Johnson, JA; Kimmel, SE; Levy, MA; Pollin, TI; Ginsburg, GS; IGNITE Network (2016-01-05)
    BACKGROUND: Patients, clinicians, researchers and payers are seeking to understand the value of using genomic information (as reflected by genotyping, sequencing, family history or other data) to inform clinical decision-making. ...