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    • ENV 350S / PUBPOL 280S Seminar in Marine Conservation Leadership 

      Stefanski, Stephanie; Smith, Martin D. (2016)
      Duke PhD student Stephanie Stefanski recently taught a class focused on the process of designing, implementing, and analyzing the results from an economic valuation survey. The class was given as a module to inform the broader ...
    • Math 412 - Topology with Applications 

      Ghadyali, Hamza; Bendich, Paul L (2016-06-24)
      Highlights of Data Expedition: • Students explored daily observations of local climate data spanning the past 35 years. • Topological Data Analysis, or TDA for short, provides cutting-edge tools for studying the geometry ...
    • STA 112, Data Science, Statcast 

      Coleman, Jake; Rundel, Colin (2016-12-12)
      In this Data Exploration, students were introduced to baseball dataset Statcast, downloaded from, that included every pitch thrown in the first week of the 2016 season, with 21 characteristics. The ...