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Gashes Creek: Christian Leadership Through a Narrative Lens

dc.contributor.advisor Lischer, Richard Runholt, Steven 2015-09-01T20:21:34Z 2015-09-01T20:21:34Z 2014
dc.description.abstract <p>What follows is a novel. I had a two-fold purpose in choosing to work in narrative. My primary intention was simply to explore the nature of Christian leadership through a narrative lens. More specifically, I have attempted to portray two distinctly different types of Christian leaders in three dimensions and to show how their faith serves them, and how it does not serve them, in their respective leadership roles and in their daily lives.</p><p>Secondly, in an age in which the creedal formulations and propositional truth claims that have traditionally defined the Christian faith are under intense scrutiny, it is my hope to show that story may be an effective way to convey the content of Christian faith and the nature of Christian practice to a skeptical audience of readers.</p>
dc.subject Theology
dc.subject Narrative
dc.title Gashes Creek: Christian Leadership Through a Narrative Lens
dc.type Dissertation
dc.department Duke Divinity School

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