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Hyperspectral Image Classification with Nonlinear Methods

dc.contributor.advisor Sun, Xiaobai
dc.contributor.advisor Liu, Qing Liu, Tiancheng 2016-06-06T16:50:41Z 2016-06-06T16:50:41Z 2016
dc.description.abstract <p>This thesis introduces two related lines of study on classification of hyperspectral images with nonlinear methods. First, it describes a quantitative and systematic evaluation, by the author, of each major component in a pipeline for classifying hyperspectral images (HSI) developed earlier in a joint collaboration [23]. The pipeline, with novel use of nonlinear classification methods, has reached beyond the state of the art in classification accuracy on commonly used benchmarking HSI data [6], [13]. More importantly, it provides a clutter map, with respect to a predetermined set of classes, toward the real application situations where the image pixels not necessarily fall into a predetermined set of classes to be identified, detected or classified with.</p><p>The particular components evaluated are a) band selection with band-wise entropy spread, b) feature transformation with spatial filters and spectral expansion with derivatives c) graph spectral transformation via locally linear embedding for dimension reduction, and d) statistical ensemble for clutter detection. The quantitative evaluation of the pipeline verifies that these components are indispensable to high-accuracy classification.</p><p>Secondly, the work extends the HSI classification pipeline with a single HSI data cube to multiple HSI data cubes. Each cube, with feature variation, is to be classified of multiple classes. The main challenge is deriving the cube-wise classification from pixel-wise classification. The thesis presents the initial attempt to circumvent it, and discuss the potential for further improvement.</p>
dc.subject Computer engineering
dc.subject Computer science
dc.title Hyperspectral Image Classification with Nonlinear Methods
dc.type Master's thesis
dc.department Electrical and Computer Engineering

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