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Redevelopment Plan for Barrang Lompo, Indonesia

dc.contributor.advisor Rittschof, Daniel Taylor, Brian 2018-04-27T19:45:51Z 2018-04-27T19:45:51Z 2018-04-27
dc.description.abstract Barrang Lompo, Indonesia is a tiny island located off the coast of Makassar, Indonesia. The island has minimal development, no sanitation system, limited natural resources, and a bleak future. It is home to around 5,000 people, most of whom are fishermen who employ a practice known as "dynamite fishing" that uses explosives to capture fish, but destroys habitats and the fishes' ability to repopulate. The environmental destruction and the public health problems from the lack of a sanitation system threaten the future viability of the island. To help solve these problems, I performed a public health assessment on Barrang Lompo to gauge the feasibility of installing a bioreactor that converts human waste into usable product, then prepared a proposal to establish a cell phone refurbishment plant on the island. By mitigating the public health problems and providing alternative employment, this project aims to reduce stress on the environment and redevelop Barrang Lompo into a more sustainable community with a promising future.
dc.language.iso en
dc.subject Barrang Lompo
dc.subject Indonesia
dc.subject Redevelopment
dc.subject iPhone
dc.subject Anaerobic Digestion Pasteurization System
dc.subject Makassar
dc.title Redevelopment Plan for Barrang Lompo, Indonesia
dc.type Master's project
dc.department Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences
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