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A National Strategy to Increase the Efficacy of Timber Enforcement at U.S. Borders

dc.contributor.advisor Vidra, Rebecca Aziz, Naimah 2020-04-24T17:38:16Z 2020-04-24T17:38:16Z 2020-04-24
dc.description.abstract Since 1900, the United States has relied on the Lacey Act to protect wildlife from unsustainable and illegal exploitation via the enforcement of tribal, state, and foreign laws. In 2008, Congress amended the Lacey Act to offer the same protection of plants including timber and wood products. Albeit, over a decade since enactment, on the ground enforcement of the Lacey Act Amendments is still in the early stages. This capstone explores leadership in wildlife conservation and proposes a plan to optimizes the enforcement of the Lacey Act Amendment at U.S. ports of entry. The final project is a national strategy that increases collaboration between border inspection agencies to close enforcement gaps and creates a workflow plan for timber inspections in an effort to combat timber trafficking. Using the resources provided in the strategy, border law enforcement officers can more effectively identify and inspect high-risk shipments.
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject Timber
dc.subject Lacey Act
dc.subject Enforcement
dc.subject Trafficking
dc.subject Inspection
dc.subject Wildlife
dc.title A National Strategy to Increase the Efficacy of Timber Enforcement at U.S. Borders
dc.type Master's project
dc.department Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences
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