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An Examination of PFAS for North Carolina Policymakers and Researchers

dc.contributor.advisor Vengosh, Avner Kluck, Johanna Nocera, Karly Zhang, Qixuan 2021-04-30T17:40:07Z 2021-04-30T17:40:07Z 2021-04-30
dc.description.abstract This Master’s Project aims to explore factors impacting the occurrence, distribution, toxicology and remediation of PFAS – a type of emerging contaminant – in North Carolina’s water. Research methods utilized include a literature review, interviews, and quantitative data analysis of Department of Environmental Quality’s water quality samples. Due to a lack of publicly available information and regulatory oversight, many PFAS-related concerns – such as identifying individual households at risk – are unable to be effectively addressed in the scope of this project. The team sought to synthesize existing knowledge and identify gaps in order to inform both the academic community’s future research and upcoming policy efforts. To better connect and communicate ongoing research with non-academic communities, as well as identify areas of PFAS knowledge that need further investigation, our final product involves multiple deliverables: (1) a scientific paper with an extensive literature review, and (2) an ESRI StoryMap conveying our findings and synthesis in a publicly accessible format and language.
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject PFAS
dc.subject North Carolina
dc.subject Policy
dc.subject Contamination
dc.subject Water
dc.subject Map
dc.title An Examination of PFAS for North Carolina Policymakers and Researchers
dc.type Master's project
dc.department Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences
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