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Computational spectral microscopy and compressive millimeter-wave holography

dc.contributor.advisor Brady, David J Fernandez, Christy Ann 2010-05-10T19:57:42Z 2010-05-10T19:57:42Z 2010
dc.description.abstract <p>This dissertation describes three computational sensors. The first sensor is a scanning multi-spectral aperture-coded microscope containing a coded aperture spectrometer that is vertically scanned through a microscope intermediate image plane. The spectrometer aperture-code spatially encodes the object spectral data and nonnegative</p> <p>least squares inversion combined with a series of reconfigured two-dimensional (2D spatial-spectral) scanned measurements enables three-dimensional (3D) (x, y, &#955) object estimation. The second sensor is a coded aperture snapshot spectral imager that employs a compressive optical architecture to record a spectrally filtered projection</p> <p>of a 3D object data cube onto a 2D detector array. Two nonlinear and adapted TV-minimization schemes are presented for 3D (x,y,&#955) object estimation from a 2D compressed snapshot. Both sensors are interfaced to laboratory-grade microscopes and</p> <p>applied to fluorescence microscopy. The third sensor is a millimeter-wave holographic imaging system that is used to study the impact of 2D compressive measurement on 3D (x,y,z) data estimation. Holography is a natural compressive encoder since a 3D</p> <p>parabolic slice of the object band volume is recorded onto a 2D planar surface. An adapted nonlinear TV-minimization algorithm is used for 3D tomographic estimation from a 2D and a sparse 2D hologram composite. This strategy aims to reduce scan time costs associated with millimeter-wave image acquisition using a single pixel receiver.</p>
dc.format.extent 7241173 bytes
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dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject Engineering, Electronics and Electrical
dc.subject Engineering, System Science
dc.subject Physics, Optics
dc.subject compressive sensing
dc.subject holography
dc.subject Microscopy
dc.subject millimeter-wave
dc.subject optical system design
dc.subject sensor design
dc.title Computational spectral microscopy and compressive millimeter-wave holography
dc.type Dissertation
dc.department Electrical and Computer Engineering

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