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    • Why Meaningful Outcome Studies Are Imperative 

      Scott, R. N. (1994)
      Probably every rehabilitation professional began his or her involvement in the field with an attempt to do something which clearly appeared to be "a good thing" for a specific client or group of clients. Probably most of ...
    • Working With VASI Push Switches 

      Williams, T. Walley, III (1997)
      Two single acting VAST push switches or the VASI operate a hand, elbow, or other device in dual-action push-a-little, push-a-lot switch will two directions. These switches are very reliable, but pose a number of problems ...
    • Wrist Innovations To Improve Function of Electric Terminal Devices 

      Sears, Harold H.; Iversen, Edwin; Archer, Shawn; Jacobs, Tony (2008)
      A major challenge in the development of terminal device (TD) and UE prosthetic devices is to add to the functional benefits to the wearer, without greatly increasing the weight, or complexity, or the cost of the ...