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Food Sovereignty and Conservation

dc.contributor.advisor Clark, Charlotte Drici, Adam 2023-04-29T03:39:54Z 2023-04-28
dc.description.abstract This Master's Project examines the intersections between food sovereignty and conservation. Interviews and focus groups with community members and experts inform the recommendations. Equitable access to food, land, funding, and markets were the most pressing challenges detailed by community members. Several recommendations regarding policy, program, and approach were offered to the client, including equitable government conservation funding access policy reform and the development of a nationwide system of Indigenous protected areas based upon Indigenous traditional food and medicine species ranges. Conservation organizations must center community priorities in efforts to protect wild places to build resilient, inclusive strategies.
dc.subject food
dc.subject sovereignty
dc.subject conservation
dc.subject equitable
dc.subject access
dc.title Food Sovereignty and Conservation
dc.type Master's project
dc.department Nicholas School of the Environment
duke.embargo.months 12
duke.embargo.release 2024-04-28

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