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    • A Mitochondrial Progesterone Receptor Increases Cardiac Beta-Oxidation and Remodeling. 

      Price, Thomas; Dai, Qunsheng; Likes, Creighton E; Luz, Anthony L; Mao, Lan; Yeh, Jason S; Wei, Zhengzheng; ... (10 authors) (Journal of the Endocrine Society, 2019-02)
      Progesterone is primarily a pregnancy-related hormone, produced in substantial quantities after ovulation and during gestation. Traditionally known to function via nuclear receptors for transcriptional regulation, there ...
    • An Update on Surgical versus Expectant Management of Ovarian Endometriomas in Infertile Women. 

      Price, Thomas; Muasher, Suheil; Hughes, Claude; Keyhan, Sanaz (BioMed research international, 2015-01)
      Ovarian endometriomas are a common manifestation of endometriosis that can represent a more severe stage of the disease. There is much debate over the treatment of these cysts in infertile women, particularly before use ...
    • Cannabinoid exposure and altered DNA methylation in rat and human sperm. 

      Kollins, Scott; Murphy, Susan; Price, Thomas; Raburn, Douglas; Mitchell, John; McClernon, Joseph; Huang, zhiqing; ... (18 authors) (Epigenetics, 2018-01)
      Little is known about the reproductive effects of paternal cannabis exposure. We evaluated associations between cannabis or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) exposure and altered DNA methylation in sperm from humans and ...