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    • Characterizing the Switching Thresholds of Magnetophoretic Transistors. 

      Abedini-Nassab, R; Baker, C; Chilkoti, A; Garcia, JV; Joh, DY; Margolis, DM; Murdoch, DM; ... (11 authors) (Adv Mater, 2015-10-28)
      The switching thresholds of magnetophoretic transistors for sorting cells in microfluidic environments are characterized. The transistor operating conditions require short 20-30 mA pulses of electrical current. By demonstrating ...
    • Magnetophoretic circuits for digital control of single particles and cells. 

      Abedini-Nassab, R; Hu, X; Jadhav, M; Kim, C; Kim, K; Lim, B; Lim, YT; ... (10 authors) (Nat Commun, 2014-05-14)
      The ability to manipulate small fluid droplets, colloidal particles and single cells with the precision and parallelization of modern-day computer hardware has profound applications for biochemical detection, gene sequencing, ...