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    • PCR-Based Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number, Mitochondrial DNA Damage, and Nuclear DNA Damage. 

      Anbalagan, C; Gonzalez-Hunt, CP; Joglekar, R; Meyer, Joel; Rooney, JP; Ryde, IT (Curr Protoc Toxicol, 2016-02-01)
      Because of the role that DNA damage and depletion play in human disease, it is important to develop and improve tools to assess these endpoints. This unit describes PCR-based methods to measure nuclear and mitochondrial ...
    • To plasticity and back again. 

      Nijhout, HF (Elife, 2015-03-12)
      Both the gain and the loss of flexibility in the development of phenotypes have led to an increased diversity of physical forms in nematode worms.