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    • A comparison of temperament in nonhuman apes and human infants. 

      Herrmann, E; Hare, Brian; Cissewski, J; Tomasello, Michael (Dev Sci, 2011-11)
      The adaptive behavior of primates, including humans, is often mediated by temperament. Human behavior likely differs from that of other primates in part due to temperament. In the current study we compared the reaction of ...
    • Care of the Patient with Chest Pain in the Observation Unit. 

      Limkakeng, Alexander; Borawski, Joseph; Graff, Louis G (Emergency medicine clinics of North America, 2017-08)
      Care of the patient presenting to an emergency department (ED) with chest pain remains a common yet challenging aspect of emergency medicine. Acute coronary syndrome presents in nonspecific fashion. The development and evolution ...
    • Reproductive improvement and senescence in a long-lived bird. 

      Rebke, M; Coulson, T; Becker, PH; Vaupel, James Walton (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2010-04-27)
      Heterogeneity within a population is a pervasive challenge for studies of individual life-histories. Population-level patterns in age-specific reproductive success can be broken down into relative contributions from selective ...