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    • A Pharmacology-Based Enrichment Program for Undergraduates Promotes Interest in Science. 

      Barger, Michael; Godin, EA; Linnenbrink-Garcia, Lisa; Perez, T; Richman, Laura Smart; Schwartz-Bloom, R; Snyder, KE; ... (8 authors) (CBE Life Sci Educ, 2015)
      There is a strong need to increase the number of undergraduate students who pursue careers in science to provide the "fuel" that will power a science and technology-driven U.S. economy. Prior research suggests that both ...
    • Coming of age: The department of education 

      Dodge, Kenneth A; Malone, D; Putallaz, M (Phi Delta Kappan, 1999-05-01)
      The Duke University Education Leadership Summit in February 2002 provided an opportunity to view the evolution of the U.S. Department of Education through the eyes of those who have served as secretaries of education. In ...