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    • Self-Assembling DNA templates for programmed artificial biomineralization 

      Samano, Enrique C; Pilo-Pais, Mauricio; Goldberg, Sarah; Vogen, Briana N; Finkelstein, Gleb; LaBean, Thomas H (Soft Matter, 2011-05-16)
      Complex materials with micron-scale dimensions and nanometre-scale feature resolution created via engineered DNA self-assembly represent an important new class of soft matter. These assemblies are increasingly being exploited ...
    • Weave Tile Architecture Construction Strategy for DNA Nanotechnology 

      Hansen, Majken N; Zhang, Alex M; Rangnekar, Abhijit; Bompiani, Kristin M; Carter, Joshua D; Gothelf, Kurt V; LaBean, Thomas H (2010)
      Architectural designs for DNA nanostructures typically fall within one of two broad categories: tile-based designs (assembled from chemically synthesized oligonucleotides) and origami designs (woven structures employing ...