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    • IDLV-HIV-1 Env vaccination in non-human primates induces affinity maturation of antigen-specific memory B cells. 

      Tomaras, Georgia; Ferrari, Guido; Montefiori, David; Blasi, Maria; Negri, Donatella; LaBranche, Celia; Alam, S Munir; ... (21 authors) (Communications biology, 2018-01)
      HIV continues to be a major global health issue. In spite of successful prevention interventions and treatment methods, the development of an HIV vaccine remains a major priority for the field and would be the optimal strategy ...
    • Initiation of HIV neutralizing B cell lineages with sequential envelope immunizations. 

      Gao, Feng; Williams, Wilton; Nicely, Nathan; Bonsignori, Mattia; Moody, Michael; Bradley, Todd; Saunders, Kevin; ... (44 authors) (Nature communications, 2017-11-23)
      A strategy for HIV-1 vaccine development is to define envelope (Env) evolution of broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) in infection and to recreate those events by vaccination. Here, we report host tolerance mechanisms ...