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    • On 3-braids and L-space knots 

      Lee, Christine Ruey Shan; Vafaee, Faramarz
      We classify closed 3-braids which are L-space knots.
    • On the Stein framing number of a knot 

      Mark, Thomas E; Piccirillo, Lisa; Vafaee, Faramarz
      For an integer $n$, write $X_n(K)$ for the 4-manifold obtained by attaching a 2-handle to the 4-ball along the knot $K\subset S^3$ with framing $n$. It is known that if $n< \overline{\text{tb}}(K)$, then $X_n(K)$ admits ...
    • The prism manifold realization problem III 

      Ballinger, William; Ni, Yi; Ochse, Tynan; Vafaee, Faramarz
      Every prism manifold can be parametrized by a pair of relatively prime integers $p>1$ and $q$. In our earlier papers, we determined a complete list of prism manifolds $P(p, q)$ that can be realized by positive integral ...