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    • Astrocytes refine cortical connectivity at dendritic spines. 

      Bhagat, S; Calakos, Nicole; Calhan, OY; Eroglu, C; Kim, IH; Patel, S; Pilaz, LJ; ... (14 authors) (Elife, 2014-12-17)
      During cortical synaptic development, thalamic axons must establish synaptic connections despite the presence of the more abundant intracortical projections. How thalamocortical synapses are formed and maintained in this ...
    • Developmental mechanism of the periodic membrane skeleton in axons. 

      Zhong, G; He, J; Zhou, R; Lorenzo, D; Babcock, HP; Bennett, V; Zhuang, X (Elife, 2014-12-23)
      Actin, spectrin, and associated molecules form a periodic sub-membrane lattice structure in axons. How this membrane skeleton is developed and why it preferentially forms in axons are unknown. Here, we studied the developmental ...
    • Formation of retinal direction-selective circuitry initiated by starburst amacrine cell homotypic contact. 

      Field, Greg; Kay, Jeremy; Ray, Thomas A; Roy, Suva; Kozlowski, Christopher; Wang, Jingjing; Cafaro, Jon; ... (9 authors) (eLife, 2018-04-03)
      A common strategy by which developing neurons locate their synaptic partners is through projections to circuit-specific neuropil sublayers. Once established, sublayers serve as a substrate for selective synapse formation, ...
    • I see what you are saying. 

      Cogan, Gregory (Elife, 2016-06-09)
      The motor cortex in the brain tracks lip movements to help with speech perception.
    • Listening in. 

      Jarvis, Erich David (Elife, 2015-10-21)
      Zebra finches communicate with each other in ways that are more complex than previously thought.
    • Mechanisms and functional roles of glutamatergic synapse diversity in a cerebellar circuit. 

      Zampini, V; Liu, JK; Diana, MA; Maldonado, PP; Brunel, Nicolas; Dieudonné, S (Elife, 2016-09-19)
      Synaptic currents display a large degree of heterogeneity of their temporal characteristics, but the functional role of such heterogeneities remains unknown. We investigated in rat cerebellar slices synaptic currents in ...
    • NLRP3/IL-1β mediates denervation during bladder outlet obstruction in rats. 

      Inouye, Brian; Hughes, Francis; Purves, Todd; Lütolf, Robin; Jin, Huixia; McMains, Jennifer C; Pak, Elena S; ... (8 authors) (Neurourology and urodynamics, 2018-03)
      Denervation of the bladder is a detrimental consequence of bladder outlet obstruction (BOO). We have previously shown that, during BOO, inflammation triggered by the NLRP3 inflammasome in the urothelia mediates physiological ...
    • Sweet neurons inhibit texture discrimination by signaling TMC-expressing mechanosensitive neurons in Drosophila. 

      Yang, Rebecca; Wu, Shun-Fan; Ja, Ya-Long; Zhang, Yi-Jie (eLife, 2019-06-11)
      Integration of stimuli of different modalities is an important but incompletely understood process during decision making. Here, we show that Drosophila are capable of integrating mechanosensory and chemosensory information ...