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  • Steenstrup, T; Kark, JD; Verhulst, S; Thinggaard, M; Hjelmborg, JVB; Dalgård, C; Kyvik, KO; Christiansen, L; Mangino, M; Spector, TD; Petersen, I; Kimura, M; Benetos, A; Labat, C; Sinnreich, R; Hwang, S-J; Levy, D; Hunt, SC; Fitzpatrick, AL; Chen, W; Berenson, GS; Barbieri, M; Paolisso, G; Gadalla, SM; Savage, SA; Christensen, K; Yashin, AI; Arbeev, Konstantin; Aviv, A (2017-04)
    An ongoing debate in demography has focused on whether the human lifespan has a maximal natural limit. Taking a mechanistic perspective, and knowing that short telomeres are associated with diminished longevity, we examined ...