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    • Human Migration and Resource use in Sulawesi Fishing Communities 

      Kramer, Randall A; Simanjuntak, SM
      The relationship between human population changes and the use of coastal resources in several communities in North Sulawesi, Indonesia is examined using a combination of demographic and econometric analysis. The study area ...
    • The Role of the Private Sector in Protected Area Establishment and Management 

      Kramer, Randall A; Langholz, J; Salafsky, N (Making Parks Work: Strategies for Preserving Tropical Nature, 2002-03-01)
      Most scientists and researchers working in tropical areas are convinced that parks and protected areas are the only real hope for saving land and biodiversity in those regions. Rather than giving up on parks that are foundering, ...
    • Using Contingent Valuation to Estimate the Value of Forest Ecosystem Protection 

      Haefele, M; Holmes, TP; Kramer, Randall A (Forests in a Market Economy, 2003-07-31)
      This book provides a state-of-the-art review of both classical and emerging themes in forest resource economics. The authors show how neo-classical economic principles can be used to analyze forest policy issues across existing ...