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    • Facebook Account Misuse Detection -- A Statistical Approach 

      Chai, CP (2013-06-30)
      Privacy of personal information on social networking websites has become an important issue, because when a social networking website account is used by a person other than the owner, all personal data stored on the website ...
    • Fair Profiling 

      Staddon, John ER (2005)
      There are several strategies available to police “stopping” suspects. Most efficient is to stop only members of the group with the highest a priori probability of guilt; least efficient is indiscriminate stopping. An efficient ...
    • Faulkner's God 

      Strandberg, Victor (2010)
      CONTENTS: 1. Faulkner and Holy Writ: The Principle of Inversion 2. Music: Faulkner's “Eroica" 3. Liebestod: Faulkner and The Lessons of Eros 4. Between Truth and Fact: Faulkner’s Symbols of Identity 5. Transition: Faulkner’s ...
    • Fault Tolerance for RRAM-Based Matrix Operations 

      Liu, Mengyun; Xia, Lixue; Wang, Yu; Chakrabarty, K
      An RRAM-based computing system (RCS) provides an energy efficient hardware implementation of vector-matrix multiplication for machine-learning hardware. However, it is vulnerable to faults due to the immature RRAM fabrication ...
    • Fault-Tolerant Valve-Based Microfluidic Routing Fabric for Droplet Barcoding in Single-Cell Analysis 

      Moradi, Y; Ibrahim, M; Chakrabarty, K; Schlichtmann, U (2017-12-11)
      High-throughput single-cell genomics is used to gain insights into diseases such as cancer. Motivated by this important application, microfluidics has emerged as a key technology for developing comprehensive biochemical ...
    • FDA in the Twenty-First Century 

      Grabowski, HG (FDA Regulation Of Biosimilars, 2015)
    • Feeding patterns in mantled howling monkeys 

      Glander, KE (Foraging Behavior: Ecological, Ethological, and Psychological Approaches, 1981)
    • FEMA's home 

      Schanzer, DH (Raleigh News & Observer, 2006-04)
    • Female reproductive success in a group of free-ranging howling monkeys (Alouatta palliata) in Costa Rica 

      Clarke, Margaret R.; Glander, KE (Female Primates: Studies by Women Primatologists, 1984)
    • Fern classification 

      Smith, AR; Pryer, KATHLEENM; Schuettpelz, ERIC; Korall, P; Schneider, HARALD; Wolf, PG (2008-01-01)
      © Cambridge University Press 2008 and Cambridge University Press 2009. Introduction and historical summary Over the past 70 years, many fern classifications, nearly all based on morphology, most explicitly or implicitly ...
    • Fern phylogeny 

      Schuettpelz, E; Pryer, KM (2008-01-01)
      © Cambridge University Press 2008 and Cambridge University Press 2009. Introduction As a consequence of employing DNA sequence data and phylogenetic approaches, unprecedented progress has been made in recent years toward ...
    • Financial Markets, Industry Dynamics, and Growth 

      Iacopetta, M; Minetti, R; Peretto, PF (Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID), 2014-08-27)
      We study the impact of corporate governance frictions in an economy where growth is driven both by the foundation of new firms and by the in-house investment of incumbent firms. Firms' managers engage in tunneling and empire ...
    • Fiscal Policy with Limited-Time Commitment 

      Clymo, A; Lanteri, A (Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID), 2016-07-26)
      We consider models where the Ramsey-optimal fiscal policy under Full Commitment (FC) is time-inconsistent and define a new notion of optimal policy, Limited-Time Commitment (LTC). Successive one-period lived governments ...
    • Flexibility in the development of action 

      Adolph, Karen E.; Joh, AS; Franchak, John M.; Ishak, Shazlela; Gill, Simone V. (Oxford Handbook of Human Action, 2008-10-06)
    • Foreward 

      Michaels, R (Middle East Journal of Anesthesiology, 2005-06-01)
    • Foreword 

      Cox, J; Schwarcz, S (In Good And Generous Faith, 2006)
    • Foreword 

      Coleman, D; Dodge, K (2007-10-04)
    • Foreword 

      DeMott, D (2008-01-01)
    • Foreword. 

      Schwarcz, S; Cox, J (Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way, 2009)