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    • Facebook Account Misuse Detection -- A Statistical Approach 

      Chai, Christine (2013-06-30)
      Privacy of personal information on social networking websites has become an important issue, because when a social networking website account is used by a person other than the owner, all personal data stored on the website ...
    • Fair Profiling 

      Staddon, John ER (2005)
      There are several strategies available to police “stopping” suspects. Most efficient is to stop only members of the group with the highest a priori probability of guilt; least efficient is indiscriminate stopping. An efficient ...
    • Faulkner's God 

      Strandberg, Victor (2010)
      CONTENTS: 1. Faulkner and Holy Writ: The Principle of Inversion 2. Music: Faulkner's “Eroica" 3. Liebestod: Faulkner and The Lessons of Eros 4. Between Truth and Fact: Faulkner’s Symbols of Identity 5. Transition: Faulkner’s ...
    • Fault Tolerance for RRAM-Based Matrix Operations 

      Chakrabarty, Krishnendu; Liu, Mengyun; Xia, Lixue; Wang, Yu
      An RRAM-based computing system (RCS) provides an energy efficient hardware implementation of vector-matrix multiplication for machine-learning hardware. However, it is vulnerable to faults due to the immature RRAM fabrication ...
    • Fault-Tolerant Valve-Based Microfluidic Routing Fabric for Droplet Barcoding in Single-Cell Analysis 

      Moradi, Yasamin; Ibrahim, Mohamed; Chakrabarty, Krishnendu; Schlichtmann, Ulf (2017-12-11)
      High-throughput single-cell genomics is used to gain insights into diseases such as cancer. Motivated by this important application, microfluidics has emerged as a key technology for developing comprehensive biochemical ...
    • FDA in the Twenty-First Century 

      Grabowski, Henry G (FDA Regulation Of Biosimilars, 2015)
    • Feeding patterns in mantled howling monkeys 

      Glander, Kenneth Earl (Foraging Behavior: Ecological, Ethological, and Psychological Approaches, 1981)
    • FEMA's home 

      Schanzer, David H (Raleigh News & Observer, 2006-04)
    • Female reproductive success in a group of free-ranging howling monkeys (Alouatta palliata) in Costa Rica 

      Clarke, Margaret R; Glander, Kenneth Earl (Female Primates: Studies by Women Primatologists, 1984)
    • Financial Markets, Industry Dynamics, and Growth 

      Iacopetta, M; Minetti, R; Peretto, Pietro F (Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID), 2014-08-27)
      We study the impact of corporate governance frictions in an economy where growth is driven both by the foundation of new firms and by the in-house investment of incumbent firms. Firms' managers engage in tunneling and empire ...
    • Fiscal Policy with Limited-Time Commitment 

      Clymo, A; Lanteri, A (Economic Research Initiatives at Duke (ERID), 2016-07-26)
      We consider models where the Ramsey-optimal fiscal policy under Full Commitment (FC) is time-inconsistent and define a new notion of optimal policy, Limited-Time Commitment (LTC). Successive one-period lived governments ...
    • Flexibility in the development of action 

      Acolatse, Esther E; Franchak, John M; Gill, Simone V; Ishak, Shazlela; Joh, Amy S (Oxford Handbook of Human Action, 2008-10-06)
    • Foreward 

      Coleman, DL; Dodge, Kenneth A (Middle East Journal of Anesthesiology, 2005-06-01)
    • Foreword 

      Cracknell, K; Maddox, Randy L (In Good And Generous Faith, 2006)
    • Foreword 

      Douglas, Pamela Susan (2007-10-04)
    • Foreword 

      Morse, M (2008-01-01)
    • Foreword. 

      Carder, KL; Maddox, Randy L (Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way, 2009)
    • Fracking, Toxics, and Disclosure 

      Fetter, T (2016-11-07)
      Information-based regulations, increasingly common in regulatory policy, attempt to take advantage of societal or managerial pressure as a means to promote desirable policy aims. However, the success of disclosure as a tool ...
    • Fraud: An American History from Barnum to Madoff 

      Balleisen, EJ (2017-02-01)
      Economic duplicity has bedeviled American markets from the founding of the Republic. This wide-ranging history emphasizes the enduring connections between capitalist innovation and business fraud, as well as the vexed efforts ...