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    • Alain Locke's New Negro: Of Words and Images 

      Lai-Henderson, Selina (2019-02-15)
      These essays encourage a deeper understanding of creative ways of resisting and contributing, which African Americans have shown consistently throughout U.S. history.
    • Efficacy, Openness, Ingenuousness: Micro-Foundations of Democratic Engagement 

      Soboleva, Irina (2020-05-20)
      What drives civic engagement in weak democracies? What are the psychological processes responsible for overcoming post-authoritarian learned helplessness? This dissertation argues that in non-Western political contexts, ...
    • Mark Twain in China 

      Lai-Henderson, Selina (2015-05-13)
      Looking at Twain in various Chinese contexts—his response to events involving the American Chinese community and to the Chinese across the Pacific, his posthumous journey through translation, and China's reception of ...
    • "Monk's World" 

      Lai-Henderson, Selina (2007)
      Provides profiles of a variety of American authors; includes an analysis of each author's style, themes, and literary characteristics; and presents descriptions and summaries of specific works.
    • The World from Afar: Heinrich Böll’s Early Infatuation with Windowsills 

      Yurgel, Caio (2018-11-22)
      Betreten, Durchschreiten, Verlassen, Auf- und Absteigen, An- und Durchblicken: Architekturelemente wie das Fenster, der Korridor oder die Treppe stehen paradigmatisch für die Aktivierung des Raums in der Bewegung von Blicken ...
    • Translation and International Reception 

      Lai-Henderson, Selina (2020-01-02)
      Mark Twain In Context provides the fullest introduction in one volume to the multifaceted life and times of one of the most celebrated American writers.