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Shielded Metal Waveguides with Uniform Electric Field Distributions

dc.contributor.advisor Joines, William T Zhou, Tao 2011-01-06T16:01:24Z 2011-01-06T16:01:24Z 2010
dc.description.abstract <p>This research focuses on achieving uniformly distributed electric field within a metal waveguide. A rectangular waveguide centrally loaded with a dielectric product is investigated rst since rectangular waveguides are widely used and can be easily made as exposure chambers and applicators. Then a dielectric slab loaded rectangular waveguide (TEM waveguide) with a uniform electric eld distribution across its cross-section is typically introduced. Due to the limitation of the TEM waveguide,</p><p>in this research, more practical methods are explored by changing the shape of the cross-section of a rectangular waveguide. The simulation results show that the new methods increase the uniform electric eld region greatly and even lower the cutoff frequency which means that a smaller waveguide may operate at the same frequency as a larger waveguide.</p>
dc.subject Electrical Engineering
dc.title Shielded Metal Waveguides with Uniform Electric Field Distributions
dc.type Dissertation
dc.department Electrical and Computer Engineering

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