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    • Barnacle cement: a polymerization model based on evolutionary concepts. 

      Dickinson, GH; Vega, IE; Wahl, KJ; Orihuela, B; Beyley, V; Rodriguez, EN; Everett, RK; ... (9 authors) (J Exp Biol, 2009-11)
      Enzymes and biochemical mechanisms essential to survival are under extreme selective pressure and are highly conserved through evolutionary time. We applied this evolutionary concept to barnacle cement polymerization, a ...
    • Functional neuroimaging of autobiographical memory. 

      Cabeza, R; St Jacques, P (Trends Cogn Sci, 2007-05)
      Functional neuroimaging studies of autobiographical memory have grown dramatically in recent years. These studies are important because they can investigate the neural correlates of processes that are difficult to study ...