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    • Bayesian Spatial Quantile Regression. 

      Reich, BJ; Fuentes, M; Dunson, DB (J Am Stat Assoc, 2011-03)
      Tropospheric ozone is one of the six criteria pollutants regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act and has been linked with several adverse health effects, including mortality. ...
    • Compressive holography. 

      Brady, DJ; Choi, K; Marks, DL; Horisaki, R; Lim, S (Opt Express, 2009-07-20)
      Compressive sampling enables signal reconstruction using less than one measurement per reconstructed signal value. Compressive measurement is particularly useful in generating multidimensional images from lower dimensional ...
    • Coordinated analysis of delayed sprites with high-speed images and remote electromagnetic fields 

      Li, J; Cummer, SA; Lyons, WA; Nelson, TE (Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, 2008-10-27)
      Simultaneous measurements of high-altitude optical emissions and magnetic fields produced by sprite-associated lightning discharges enable a close examination of the link between low-altitude lightning processes and high-altitude ...
    • Optimized approach to decision fusion of heterogeneous data for breast cancer diagnosis. 

      Jesneck, JL; Nolte, LW; Baker, JA; Floyd, CE; Lo, JY (Med Phys, 2006-08)
      As more diagnostic testing options become available to physicians, it becomes more difficult to combine various types of medical information together in order to optimize the overall diagnosis. To improve diagnostic performance, ...
    • Three-dimensional computer generated breast phantom based on empirical data 

      Li, CM; Segars, WP; Lo, JY; Veress, AI; Boone, JM; III, DJT (MEDICAL IMAGING 2008: PHYSICS OF MEDICAL IMAGING, PTS 1-3, 2008)
    • Uncertainty propagation through software dependability models 

      Mishra, K; Trivedi, KS (Proceedings - International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering, ISSRE, 2011-12-01)
      Stochastic models are often employed to study dependability of critical systems and assess various hardware and software fault-tolerance techniques. These models take into account the randomness in the events of interest ...