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    • Essays on Using Options to Elicit Market Beliefs about Mergers 

      Borochin, Paul Alexander (2011)
      The first essay of my dissertation introduces a new method for eliciting market beliefs about the expected outcomes of a merger negotiation after announcement. During a merger negotiation, the market prices of the firms ...
    • Neural Circuitry of Social Valuation 

      Smith, David Victor (2012)
      Few aspects of human cognition are more personal than the choices we make. Our decisions — from the mundane to the impossibly complex — continually shape the courses of our lives. In recent years, researchers ...
    • Neurobiology of Learning and Valuation 

      Heilbronner, Sarah Rachel (2012)
      An animal's ability to make adaptive choices is key to its fitness. Thus, the process of determining options, making a decision, evaluating outcomes, and learning from those outcomes to adjust future behavior is a central ...