Show simple item record Mileyko, Yuriy en_US 2011-06-21T17:27:53Z 2011-06-21T17:27:53Z 2010 en_US
dc.identifier.citation Mileyko,Yuriy;Weitz,Joshua S.. 2010. Bifurcation Analysis of Gene Regulatory Circuits Subject to Copy Number Variation. Siam Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems 9(3): 799-826. en_US
dc.identifier.issn 1536-0040 en_US
dc.description.abstract Gene regulatory networks are comprised of many small gene circuits. Understanding expression dynamics of gene circuits for broad ranges of parameter space may provide insight into the behavior of larger regulatory networks as well as facilitate the use of circuits as autonomous units performing specific regulatory tasks. In this paper, we consider three common gene circuits and investigate the dependence of gene expression dynamics on the circuit copy number. In particular, we perform a detailed bifurcation analysis of the circuits' corresponding nonlinear gene regulatory models restricted to protein-only dynamics. Employing a geometric approach to bifurcation theory, we are able to derive closed form expressions for conditions which guarantee existence of saddle-node bifurcations caused by variation in the circuit copy number or copy number concentration. This result shows that the drastic effect of copy number variation on equilibrium behavior of gene circuits is highly robust to variation in other parameters in the circuits. We discuss a possibility of extending the current results to higher dimensional models which incorporate more details of the gene regulatory process. en_US
dc.language.iso en_US en_US
dc.publisher SIAM PUBLICATIONS en_US
dc.relation.isversionof doi:10.1137/090771247 en_US
dc.subject copy number variation en_US
dc.subject bifurcation theory en_US
dc.subject regulatory networks en_US
dc.subject construction en_US
dc.subject expression en_US
dc.subject networks en_US
dc.subject dynamics en_US
dc.subject systems en_US
dc.subject switch en_US
dc.subject mathematics, applied en_US
dc.subject physics, mathematical en_US
dc.title Bifurcation Analysis of Gene Regulatory Circuits Subject to Copy Number Variation en_US
dc.title.alternative en_US
dc.description.version Version of Record en_US 2010-00-00 en_US
duke.description.endpage 826 en_US
duke.description.issue 3 en_US
duke.description.startpage 799 en_US
duke.description.volume 9 en_US
dc.relation.journal Siam Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems en_US

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