Show simple item record Bertels, Thomas en_US Kettwig, Thomas en_US 2011-09-21T13:54:06Z 2011-09-21T13:54:06Z 2011 en_US
dc.identifier.citation Proceedings of the MEC'11 conference, UNB; 2011. en_US
dc.description.abstract The socket as the link between residual limb and prosthetic components is the crucial part of the prosthesis influencing the amputee’s acceptance considerably. In addition to protection from outside influences, the skin is responsible for regulating the body temperature. As parts of the skin are missing due to amputation, this functionality is minimized. This effect is increased by common liners consisting of silicone or equivalent materials, covering the residual limb surface. A new developed liner is made of spacer fabric in combination with partial silicon coating for suspension. This way the functionality of the skin inside the socket is supported to regulate temperature based on permeability to gas and humidity. The cushioning effect of the liner reduces pressure peaks and shear forces to prevent skin breakdown. The new approach of an interface design combines the comfort of using the conventional liner technique with the support provided by natural skin functionality. en_US
dc.publisher Myoelectric Symposium en_US
dc.title Breathable Liner For Transradial Prostheses en_US

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