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    • Motor Control Processes When Learning To Use A Prosthetic Device 

      Bongers, Raoul M.; Bouwsema, Hanneke; van der Sluis, Corry K. (2011)
      Prosthetic devices are designed to increase the action possibilities of an amputee. Appropriate actions with upper-extremity prostheses are only possible when these devices can be controlled dexterously. Importantly, the ...
    • Using multiple outcome measures to determine skill level in myoelectric prosthesis use 

      Bouwsema, Hanneke; Kyberd, Peter J.; Hill, Wendy; van der Sluis, Corry K.; Bongers, Raoul M. (2011)
      Most studies on prosthesis usage focus merely on one type of outcome measures, using questionnaires, functional tests, or kinematics. However, a combination of several outcome measures should provide a better picture on ...