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    • An Adaptive Prosthetic Hand with Compliant Joints and EMG-based Control 

      Carrozza, Maria Chiara; Zaccone, Franco; Micera, Silvestro; Cappiello, Giovanni; Stellin, Giovanni; Vecchi, Fabrizio; Dario, Paolo (2005)
      In this paper some recent results about the experimental trials we are performing on a functional prosthetic hand characterized by an EMG-control and by a simple and low cost fabrication technology are shown. A compliant ...
    • Angulation Osteotomy to Improve Function in Transhumeral Amputee Rehabilitation 

      Farnsworth, Troy; Lipe, Del; Fergason, John; Granville, Robert; Menetrez, Jennifer; Hillard, Amy (2008)
      Regardless of prosthetic design, there exist inherent limitations which adversely affect the functionality of transhumeral prostheses. Loss of voluntary humeral rotational control, limitations in prosthetic suspension ...
    • Myoelectric Prostheses with Sensorial Feedback 

      Rios Poveda, Alvaro (2002)
      A design of a control system for myoelectric prostheses is shown based on a microcontroller that can give the possibility for the amputated patient to replace the pressure perception. In addition this design will permit ...