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    • Duke Digital Repository Usability Test - July 2018 

      Le-Huu Pineault, Anne; Yuan, Yu (2018-07)
      This study was conducted to test the overall usability of the Duke Digital Repository application, evaluate its main features and provide recommendations for future improvements and testing. It was developed by Moira Dowwney ...
    • Biennial Survey: Follow-up Focus Groups - June 2018 

      Yang, Brenda (2018-06-05)
      This report summarizes findings from four focus groups with students and faculty conducted in spring of 2018, following up on the 2018 biannual survey. Key insights are summarized and specific recommendations are listed.. ...
    • TRLN Discovery Usability Test - June 2018 

      Yuan, Yu; Le-Huu Pineault, Anne (2018-06)
      This study builds on prior findings made in May 2018 by Chad Haefele at UNC and was conducted to evaluate targeted features of the TRLN Discovery interface and provide recommendations for future improvements and testinng. ...
    • TRLN Discovery: Implementing usability report recommendations - June 2018 

      Le-Huu Pineault, Anne; Yuan, Yu (2018-06)
      This reports reviews recommendations made in the TRLN Discovery Usability Report - June 2018 for implementation.
    • Usability Test: Rubenstein Library Navigation - May 2018 

      Castellano, Natalie (2018-05-11)
    • Understanding the experiences and needs of 1G students at Duke - May 2018 

      Chapman, Joyce; Daly, Emily; Daniel, Linda; Hartsell-Gundy, Arianne; Wofford, Brittany; Yang, Brenda (2018-01)
      How can Duke University in general – and the Duke University Libraries in particular – further support the success of its first-generation (1G) college students? To explore this question, a cross-departmental team of libbrary ...
    • News, Events, and Exhibits Usability Test - October 2017 

      Castellano, Natalie (2017-10-19)
      On October 19, 2017, Filip Mazurek conducted a usability test to evaluate the ways in which Duke University students, faculty, and staff use the Duke University Libraries websites to look at the libraries’ current news, ...
    • Research Guides Portal Usability Test - August 2017 

      Zhou, Andi (2017-08-21)
      On August 9, 2017, Thomas Crichlow and Andi Zhou conducted a usability test on the new Research Guides portal ( in the lobby of Perkins Library at Duke University. The test aims to get feeedbacks ...
    • Borrowing Page Usability Test Report - May 2017 

      Martin, Julie; Crichlow, Thomas (2017-05-15)
      Thomas Crichlow and Julie Martin, graduate research assistant in the Assessment & User Experience Department, conducted a usability test on the Duke University Libraries current Borrowing webpage on April 27, 2017 from 22:00 ...
    • Remote Unmediated A/B Test Research 

      Riegel, Julie (2017-02-27)
      Starting in December 2016, Julie Riegel researched multiple tools that could perform remote unmediated A/B tests in order to recommend a tool for the AUX department to use to perform unmediated remote A/B tests on the liibrary’s ...
    • Graduate Student Reading Room Report - January, 2017 

      Riegel, Julie (2017-02-27)
      Between the dates of January 19, 2017 and February 13, 2017, Julie Riegel placed a short survey in the Richard and Nancy Riess Reading room, also known as the Riess Graduate Student Reading Room (Perkins 211). The purpoose ...
    • Fitdesk Pilot Report - January 2017 

      Riegel, Julie (2017-02-27)
      Duke University Libraries introduced Fitdesks, which are a cross between exercise bikes and desks, in Perkins Library on Monday, December 12. The Assessment and User Experience (AUX) Department (Julie Riegel, Joyce Chappman, ...
    • Edge Standing Desk Interviews - January 2017 

      Riegel, Julie (2017-02-27)
      Between the dates of January 5, 2017 and February 13, 2017, Julie Riegel conducted interviews with library patrons using the standing desks located at the Edge. The purpose of this study was to see what users liked abouut ...
    • Research Guide Usability Study-October, 2016 

      Riegel, Julie; Daly, Emily (2017-02-06)
      On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, from 3:00-4:00pm, Emily Daly and Julie Riegel conducted an A/B usability test on the Duke Research Guide page ( By comparing Duke’s page to Northwesttern’s ...
    • Bento Usability Test- December 2016 

      Riegel, Julie (2017-02-06)
      On Monday, November 28, from 10:00am to 11:00am, Thomas Crichlow and Julie Riegel conducted an A/B test to on the Duke University Library’s (DUL) Bento search tool ( By comparing Duke’s site tto ...
    • DUL 2016 Student survey: First-year students-January 2017 

      Unknown author (2017-01-09)
      The biannual student survey was distributed to a random sample of 5,889 undergraduate and graduate students and promoted through library websites and email lists in January and February 2016. A total of 3,215 students rresponded ...
    • Duke Libraries 2015 Enrolled Student Survey: Responses and Peer Library Comparisons - January 2017 

      Daly, Emily (2017-01-09)
      In February and March of 2015, 769 Duke undergraduate students responded to the 2015 COFHE Enrolled Student Survey, and among those respondents, 681 students responded to the question on library resources. The survey waas ...
    • Just Ask Them! Designing Services and Spaces on the Foundation of Student Feedback 

      Daly, Emily; Chapman, Joyce; Crichlow, Thomas (2017)
    • Prayer and Meditation Room Survey - Nov. 2016 

      Riegel, Julie; Daly, Emily (2016-11-14)
      Between the dates of October 3rd and November 3rd 2016, Julie Riegel and Suffana Humaira conducted user survey on the Prayer and Meditation Room in Perkins Library by emailing a survey to the Duke Muslim Student Associattion ...
    • Bento Satisfaction Survey - October 2016 

      Crichlow, Thomas (2016-11-14)
      The Web Experience Team (WebX) assessed patron satisfaction with the Duke University Libraries Bento-style search results page through a seven-question, online survey. Respondents were able to access the survey through aa ...