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Essays in Financial Economics

dc.contributor.advisor Bansal, Ravi Kung, Howard Pan 2012-05-25T20:15:42Z 2012-05-25T20:15:42Z 2012
dc.description.abstract <p>In my dissertation, I study the link between economic growth and asset prices in stochastic endogenous growth models. In these settings, long-term growth prospects are endogenously determined by innovation and R\&D. In equilibrium, R\&D endogenously drives a small, persistent component in productivity which generates long-run uncertainty about economic growth. With recursive preferences, this growth propagation mechanism helps reconcile a broad spectrum of equity and bond market facts jointly with macroeconomic fluctuations.</p>
dc.subject Finance
dc.subject Economics
dc.subject Asset Pricing
dc.subject Endogenous Growth
dc.subject Recursive Preferences
dc.title Essays in Financial Economics
dc.type Dissertation
dc.department Business Administration

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