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Essays on Self-Control

dc.contributor.advisor Kranton, Rachel
dc.contributor.advisor Sadowski, Philipp Groves, Alexander 2012-09-04T13:15:00Z 2012-09-04T13:15:00Z 2012
dc.description.abstract <p>This dissertation concerns methods to test whether or not self-control</p><p>is costly, the form of temptation, and the affects different assumptions</p><p>about costly self-control and temptation have on optimal borrowing</p><p>and saving mechanisms. The second chapter shows that costly self-control</p><p>and temptation can be differentiated from changing impatience in a</p><p>stochastic income consumption-savings environment. The third chapter</p><p>describes an experiment to test whether subjects have time inconsistent</p><p>preferences, whether self-control is costly, and if so, whether the</p><p>cost of self-control is time dependent. The fourth chapter describes</p><p>the affects on the optimal borrowing and savings mechanisms that assumptions</p><p>about the myopia of temptation and the strength of costly self-control</p><p>have.</p>
dc.subject Economic theory
dc.subject Economics
dc.subject Optimal Borrowing
dc.subject Optimal Savings
dc.subject Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting
dc.subject Self-Control
dc.subject Temptation
dc.subject Willpower
dc.title Essays on Self-Control
dc.type Dissertation
dc.department Economics

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