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What the shale? Environmental Risk Perceptions of Hydraulic Fracturing

dc.contributor.advisor Patino-Echeverri, Dalia
dc.contributor.advisor Rich, Simon Chavis, Anna Robinson, Frederick Thomas, Harrison 2013-04-26T18:33:33Z 2013-04-26T18:33:33Z 2013-04-26
dc.description.abstract The boom in U.S. natural gas production has sparked a national debate about the known and unknown environmental risks of hydraulic fracturing. This paper analyzes real and perceived risks as a means to illustrate and explain the rise of hydraulic fracturing on the public agenda. Through literature reviews, data analysis, and expert interviews, we explain the processes that build public agendas by first (1) analyzing media coverage and public interest in hydraulic fracturing, then (2) evaluating stakeholder groups and their mental models for perceiving and valuing risk, and conclude with (3) synthesizing how Pennsylvania has managed risk related to hydraulic fracturing. Our research findings will be useful to those aiming to influence and understand how mass media, general public, and a range of stakeholder groups perceive and manage the environmental risks of hydraulic fracturing.
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject environmental communication
dc.subject environmental risk
dc.subject hydraulic fracturing
dc.subject risk perceptions
dc.title What the shale? Environmental Risk Perceptions of Hydraulic Fracturing
dc.type Master's project
dc.department Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences

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