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Rotor Vibration Reduction Using Multi-Element Multi-Path Design

dc.contributor.advisor Bliss, Donald B Su, Keye 2013-05-13T15:38:11Z 2013-05-13T15:38:11Z 2013
dc.description.abstract <p>Multi-Element Multi-Path (MEMP) structural design is a new concept for rotor vibration reduction. This thesis explores the possibility of applying MEMP design to helicopter rotor blades. A conceptual design is developed to investigate the MEMP blade's vibration reduction performance. In the design, the rotor blade is characterized by two centrifugally loaded beams which are connected to each other through linear and torsional springs. A computer program is built to simulate the behavior of such structures. Detailed parametric studies are conducted. The main challenges in this thesis involve the blade hub load vibration analysis, the blade thickness constraint and the blade parameter selection. The results show substantial vibration reduction for the MEMP design but the large relative deflection between the two beams, conceptualized as an internal spar and airfoil shell, remains a problem for further study.</p>
dc.subject Mechanical engineering
dc.subject Acoustics
dc.subject Aerospace engineering
dc.subject Blade
dc.subject Design
dc.subject Helicopter
dc.subject Multi-Element Multi-Path
dc.subject Rotor
dc.subject Vibration Reduction
dc.title Rotor Vibration Reduction Using Multi-Element Multi-Path Design
dc.type Master's thesis
dc.department Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

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