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The Nai'a Guide 2.0: Utilizing Mobile Apps for Marine Conservation Efforts

dc.contributor.advisor Johnston, David Edwards, Courtney 2015-04-23T02:11:41Z 2015-04-23T02:11:41Z 2015-04-22
dc.description.abstract With 75% of Americans owning a smartphone, such devices and subsequent apps are effective, but underutilized resources to promote marine conservation issues. This project consisted of three components. First, I built a web-based app called The Nai‘a Guide based off an existing app to educate those looking to participate in swim-with Hawaiian spinner dolphin programs about the biology of the animal and proper interaction etiquette. This type of app has many advantages for organizations looking to design similar apps, including responsiveness across multiple device types and platforms and ease of use for non-developers. Second, I searched iTunes and Google Play to determine the number and relevance of apps using four keywords. I found environmental conservation apps make up an insignificant portion of the total apps available and a vast majority of the search results are not relevant. Finally, I did a series of interviews with organizations that have relevant apps available to learn more about their outreach strategy, resulting in a number of key recommendations for future app development.
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject app
dc.subject dolphin
dc.subject web-based
dc.subject ecotourism
dc.subject citizen science
dc.subject smartphone
dc.title The Nai'a Guide 2.0: Utilizing Mobile Apps for Marine Conservation Efforts
dc.type Master's project
dc.department Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences
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