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Leadership in Brand Personalities

dc.contributor.advisor Reeves, Dr. Martha Long, Alexander 2015-05-06T18:29:21Z 2015-05-06T18:29:21Z 2015-05-06
dc.description.abstract Through a case study approach, this paper explores the existence of leadership personality traits in what has come to be known as brand personalities. If leaders are acknowledged for possessing admirable characteristics that generate loyalty and a following, then brand personalities likely possess leadership traits, as creating a loyal following is a common goal within the practice of marketing. Concepts of brand personality, corporate brand personality, and leadership personality are examined and later compared through the use of five major personality dimensions to uncover any connections between the entities. The case studies illustrate that an actual person, in conjunction with a brand identity, can effectively personify a brand. Promoting company founders, executives, employees, or celebrity endorsers as brand ambassadors can achieve this personification. I analyze the personalities associated with financially successful and well-established brands to determine the most powerful personality traits of the brand and whether or not they pertain what have been considered well-established leadership traits.
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject Brands Marketing Personalities Psychology Leadership
dc.title Leadership in Brand Personalities
dc.type Master's thesis
dc.department Graduate Liberal Studies

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