A Study in Laterally Restrained Buckled Beams for the use in a Vertical Isolation System

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Linear vibration isolation systems, used to reduce the transmissibility of vertical vibration, requires a vertical static displacement that increases with the square of the natural period of the isolation system. The static displacement of a vertical isolation system with a one second natural period is 0.25 m. The nonlinear stiffness of buckled beams loaded in the transverse direction can be designed to reduce the vertical static displacement requirement of vertical systems. This study presents an analysis of large displacement mechanics of slender beams that buckle against a constraint, and extracts the transverse constraint force via the Lagrange multiplier enforcing the constraint. The constraint prescribes a maximum allowable lateral displacement along the length of the beam and a specified longitudinal displacement at the mid span of the beam. No small curvature assumption is involved. Lateral and longitudinal displacements are parameterized in terms of Fourier coefficients. Coefficient values for constrained equilibria are found by minimizing the bending strain energy such that lateral and longitudinal constraints are satisfied. Because the full expression for curvature is used, this is a nonlinear constrained optimization problem.

Edge and mid-point horizontal constraint positions are varied to gain a better understanding of the constraint forces at each position. This modeling approach is then used to design a system of post-buckled leaf springs in order to meet vibration isolation requirements without over-stressing the springs. This process is discussed in detail along with the process and challenges associated with the physical model. Theoretical predictions are compared to laboratory scale measurements. Experimental results from the physical model are compared to the theoretical and numerical simulation results. The potential for rocking responses of the vertical isolation system are quantified via the modeling of the nonlinear dynamics of a platform supported by a system of springs and carrying a mass concentrated above the platform.





McManus, Michael Allen (2021). A Study in Laterally Restrained Buckled Beams for the use in a Vertical Isolation System. Master's thesis, Duke University. Retrieved from https://hdl.handle.net/10161/23197.


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