Assessing the competency needs in the Green Technology Industry

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This study reviews the technical and interpersonal competencies of professionals in the Green Technology industry. This industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Europe. This growth trend is expected to continue and is largely due to global environmental issues and energy requirements. Ambitious European targets to reduce dependency on fossil fuels provide the ideal political framework for the expansion of this industry. In light of this development, an important consideration is the availability of skilled professionals in the workforce. This research examines the competencies of professionals based in Scandinavia (regions of Denmark, Norway and Sweden). Information for this study has been gathered from a number of Green Technology companies. This was managed through a series of interviews, focus group discussions and an online survey. Professionals involved in this study concur that education is invaluable to the development of this sector. Many of these professionals have already acquired university level education in disciplines such as engineering. According to the feedback, engineering skills in the Green Technology sector will continue to be important for the next 5 to 10 years. However, supplementary technical (e.g. project management, accounting) and interpersonal (e.g. leadership) skills are also relevant for the development of Green Technology. As this industry grows such competencies will inevitably increase in importance. Professional development thus needs to be designed effectively and in accordance with industrial requirements and the training preferences of professionals.





McMahon, Rosemarie (2011). Assessing the competency needs in the Green Technology Industry. Master's project, Duke University. Retrieved from

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