Genomic Characterisation of UFJF_PfDIW6: A Novel Lytic Pseudomonas fluorescens-Phage with Potential for Biocontrol in the Dairy Industry


<jats:p>In this study, we have presented the genomic characterisation of UFJF_PfDIW6, a novel lytic Pseudomonas fluorescens-phage with potential for biocontrol in the dairy industry. This phage showed a short linear double-stranded DNA genome (~42 kb) with a GC content of 58.3% and more than 50% of the genes encoding proteins with unknown functions. Nevertheless, UFJF_PfDIW6’s genome was organised into five functional modules: DNA packaging, structural proteins, DNA metabolism, lysogenic, and host lysis. Comparative genome analysis revealed that the UFJF_PfDIW6’s genome is distinct from other viral genomes available at NCBI databases, displaying maximum coverages of 5% among all alignments. Curiously, this phage showed higher sequence coverages (38–49%) when aligned with uncharacterised prophages integrated into Pseudomonas genomes. Phages compared in this study share conserved locally collinear blocks comprising genes of the modules’ DNA packing and structural proteins but were primarily differentiated by the composition of the DNA metabolism and lysogeny modules. Strategies for taxonomy assignment showed that UFJF_PfDIW6 was clustered into an unclassified genus in the Podoviridae clade. Therefore, our findings indicate that this phage could represent a novel genus belonging to the Podoviridae family.</jats:p>






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Hungaro, Humberto Moreira, Pedro Marcus Pereira Vidigal, Edilane Cristina do Nascimento, Felipe Gomes da Costa Oliveira, Marco Túlio Pardini Gontijo and Maryoris Elisa Soto Lopez (n.d.). Genomic Characterisation of UFJF_PfDIW6: A Novel Lytic Pseudomonas fluorescens-Phage with Potential for Biocontrol in the Dairy Industry. Viruses, 14(3). pp. 629–629. 10.3390/v14030629 Retrieved from

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